"New Hope is an expression of church, rather than doing church. We are a community, though we have no regular meeting place. New Hope is rather a network of relationships meeting and gathering around common interests and offering support and encouragement to one another as we learn what it means to 'love God and love one another.' The Hot Air balloon image has been chosen for a reason, to encourage us to view our lives form God's perspective. You see, the things that we struggle with that frustrate and confuse us, that seem like huge obstacles at ground level, take on a very different perspective when viewed from above. If you would like to connect to this community and perhaps gain some fresh perspective on your life, then follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or message me newhopehampshire@aol.com

Please note that the New Hope Project no longer accepts donations of Furniture, please contact Scratch in Southampton on 02380 773 132
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Registered Charity Number 1155495

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